Simplify your stack. Amplify your results.

Resonance is a user growth platform that provides simple, flexible promotions and referrals, with minimal engineering lift.


Often called promotions or incentives, you can use our APIs to build and test offers for every step of the user journey. Entice your users to sign up, or encourage them to activate and engage. Test new offer variants quickly—all from our console.


Referrals are a fantastic way to acquire new users, while rewarding your most loyal users. Unlock this acquisition channel without building out a new team or new services.


Events are the backbone of the Resonance ecosystem. Have your engineers instrument your user journey once, then use those events in the console to dynamically make and fulfill offers and referrals.


View your offer and referral performance, and quickly compare variants to see which perform the best. Use your event data to track acquisition, activation, retention, and more.

Grow your user base with fewer engineering resources.

It's expensive to build software. Focus your resources on the software that sets you apart, and let us handle your offers and referrals at a fraction of the cost.

Test without bottlenecks.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait on engineering every time you want to test a new offer, or a new referral campaign. (Trust us, it's no fun to be the ones being waited on either!) Avoid the wait with our powerful, easy-to-use APIs and no-code tools.

Start optimizing right away.

It's time consuming to figure out just the right copy, the perfect CTA, and a reward that's enticing yet also meets your CAC goals. Don't waste precious time building tooling in house that can make that optimization possible. Just jump in our console and make as many offer and referral variants as you'd like!

If you're looking to get started with offers and referrals,

or if you want more flexibility with fewer bottlenecks, we can help.